Vision Mission Values

The HR Elephant is committed to a clear strategy of supporting organisations to lead and guide their Herd to success. Central to this strategy is The HR Elephant’s Vision, Mission and Values.

Our Vision

To be the leading cross border HR Consultancy in Ireland with a team of people focused specialists who can deliver quality HR support in both jurisdictions.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to Embrace, Educate and Enable every organisation within Ireland to effectively lead and guide their Herd to success.


We wrap our clients up in confidence, delivering their HR services for them and helping to bring out the best in their Herd.

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We support, educate and help people managers to manage their own Herd, individually and collectively.

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We enable you to manage your Herd to the highest professional standards with a little bit of extra support.

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Our Values

We believe it is important for an organisation to have Values. This is a collective set of behaviours that everyone in the organisation signs up to. We like to keep things simple, so our Mission has ‘Three Es’ (Embrace, Educate & Enable); while our Values are the ‘Three P’s’- Passionate, Principled and Protective.


Our Herd is passionate about your Herd.


Principles start at the head of our Herd.


We adapt a Herd mentality to protect our clients.