About Us

The HR Elephant was set up in 2017 in Newry by experienced HR professional Aine Crilly. Aine identified a gap in the market for supporting cross border businesses working in either or both jurisdictions in Ireland. Since then, The HR Elephant has grown not just to support organisations working cross border but also those working exclusively in Northern Ireland or the UK and organisations working exclusively in Ireland. The HR Elephant now has three locations with its Head Office in the border location of Newtownhamilton and support offices in Newry and Dundalk.

The HR Elephant has been helping and guiding those responsible for people management to effectively lead and guide their organisation to success at the very heart of what it does. It aims to cut through the jargon and make people management about people.

The HR Elephant offers a range of people management professional services to support your organisation regardless of whether you employ two people or two thousand people.

Why The HR Elephant?

People often ask us where the name the HR Elephant came from. Sometimes they assume it is because people management can be the elephant in the room in an organisation; or because HR can be a ‘big beast’ for people to tackle. These are both the case but for us, it came for our love and respect for these fascinating creatures.

Elephants are believed to be one of the most intelligent species in the world. They are respected by many other animal groupings. Elephants display characteristics associated with compassion, cooperation, self-awareness, memory, communication, and learning. These are key traits that should be displayed by those entrusted to look after the welfare of others in the workplace. We work with our clients to instil the best of the traits of this amazing animal in their teams; to help them to nurture, lead and guide their own ‘Herd’ to success.

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