The HR Elephant

We are a Human Resource Consultancy based in Newry, Northern Ireland. We are a local professional service, helping business owners ensure that they comply with employment regulations and best practice guidelines in a timely, cost effective and efficient manner. We will educate and empower business owners to successfully manage their people, taking the jargon out of HR whilst providing straightforward practical solutions!

- Do you need help to manage your staff?

- Are you struggling managing staff? feeling overwhelmed?

- What is probation and how I use it in my business?

- My staff don’t have contracts – Do I need contracts?

- I only have part-time staff; I don’t need to issue contracts?

- What are HR policies and procedures – what do I need in my business?

- How do I calculate holiday pay?

- I think I might have a disciplinary case but I am not sure?

- How do I conduct an investigation? How do I issue a formal warning to staff?